Height5'5" Bust34" A Waist24" Hips33" Dress0 US Shoe7.5 US HairBrown EyesBlue

I know from personal experience how hard the world can be, especially for young women. Social media is so pervasive in our lives with the overriding message telling us to be "perfect." I was caught up in this race for some time.  Through a lot of working out, educating myself, and discovering how transformative a plant-based lifestyle is, my body and mind transformed. Maintaining a new found health that has nourished my body and my mind gave me the drive to keep learning, striving and to help other women to discover their best body through the lifestyle they live.

I am a certified health coach, founder and creator of a plant-based health movement that inspires, empowers and transforms others’ lives. I truly believe we all have the ability to find our best body, our best mind, and each one of us has the ability to be the best version of ourselves. I am honored to be a Role Model, a face for change and influence and to lead by example!