Height5'7.5" Bust38" B Waist26" Hips38" Dress6 US HairAsh Blonde EyesBlue/Green

I am a creative whose artistic endeavors range from dancing to directing and include (but are not limited to) modeling, acting, styling, writing, interior design and event production. My passion is to create visual content  and experiences that stimulate the mind and soul. No need to hide my nature, dress it up, or hold it all in. I am fully immersed in all the softness and fierceness that resides within me and I aim to inspire others to live in full expression of their authentic unapologetic selves. I own a production company called ALIBI producing pop up art gallery shows and curating art for spaces. I have a clothing line I just launched called Believe or Leave in association with a meditation sanctuary I work with.

I have dedicated the last five years of my life traveling the world creating impactful imagery and performing at art gallery openings, festivals like coachella, and touring with music artists.

You can check out more of my work at alearain.com