Height173cm/5'8" Bust81cm/32" B Waist60cm/23.5" Hips89cm/35" Dress32 EU/2 US/4 UK Shoe38 EU/7 US/5 UK HairLight Brown EyesHazel

I decided to become a model when I was 17 years old. At that age, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to become financially independent from my parents and I took my chances. It worked out and the world was no longer a mysterious place, but after more than a decade of working as a model, I decided it was about time my work must be connected to the higher purpose of my life. I started to make a few changes here and there and now I'm finally able to integrate every aspect of my life.

I want to grow a strong community of people that have awoken to the fact that the system we're living in is not sustainable and that it's going to destroy what we hold most precious: life on Earth as we know it, an interconnected life with nature and other forms of life. We'll grow that community by raising awarenesses about many issues related to the fashion/beauty industry. I believe that if we come together as good-hearted people, we can help shift old paradigms and implement new ways of living a Wholesome life.

What I'm most passionate about is taking the fashion industry to a new level of consciousness, where all sides would be benefited: client, model, consumer, and most importantly the environment. I'm trying to teach that EVERY single one of us has a HUGE impact on the collective and that when our talents and gifts are gathered and we work with them for the greater good, abundance will flourish. That selfless actions are a priority for the moment we're living and that ONE can really help the Planet and support the change we all need.

As a Role Model I want to influence young ladies who are often experiencing challenges on a personal level in their lives, and I honestly believe (from my own experiences),  that a lot of support and a friend who has been through similar experiences and had overcome them -  is more than an essential requirement for their development physically, mentally, and consciously. I want to be that friend.

Something that I've learned from my personal journey that I want to share with others, is focused on:

To Eat Organics ( and have a plant-based diet)

To Shop Consciously

To Practice Meditation

To Be Active ( mentally and physically ) in a Healthy Way

To Love Unconditionally

To respect Mother Nature

I believe I'm no different than anybody. I'm just moving forward like all of us are. Some are in front of me, and some are behind me, but we are all moving forward towards evolution... and we must help one another in this path of humankind evolution.

When I was a developing model in France -  my agent from IMG Paris at the time, called me a "Role Model" - I understood English very poorly, so he noticed I didn't get what he meant. He explained to me that a 'role model' was polite, professional, organized and beautiful inside out just as I was. From that day on, I kept the term in my mind and I've never forget what it meant to be a Role Model. I believe nowadays, a whole new meaning was added to the term, and finally I'm so happy to be part of the agency carrying the name Role Models that stands for everything I believe!