Height173cm/5'8" Bust81cm/32" B Waist61cm/24" Hips89cm/35" Dress32 EU/2 US/4 UK Shoe39.5 EU/8.5 US/6 UK HairBrown EyesBrown

I come from a little town called Maun, in Botswana, a country located in the heart of Southern Africa. My mother (a native Motswana) and father (a Norwegian) chose this place, not far from the Okavango Delta, to start a family and to call home. Growing up we had crocodiles and hippos strolling through our back yard, and safari-like camping trips filled with sightings of lions, elephants and any other animal imaginable.  At a young age I did a lot of sports, but found classical ballet to be my biggest passion. In Maun, we were lucky to have had our one little dance studio. It kept me out of trouble, as I was a fiery child.

At age twelve I moved to Norway to continue practicing the art of dance at the Norwegian National Ballet. Following this, I majored in Performing Arts in high school, and later got a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies; While gaining my degree I both danced and modeled for one of Norway’s leading talent and production companies, and volunteered at Oslo’s Crisis Center for abused women and children.

At this point my modeling career started to take flight and lead me to compete in and win the 2010 Miss Universe Norway competition. That same year I participated in the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas hoping to combine my charity work with modeling - only to realize the true meaning of pageantry. Not long after that I made the choice to leave Norway and move to New York to pursue what seemed inevitable - a modeling career. New York taught me the true value of hard work, individuality, and believing in yourself. After 4 years in the Big Apple my life took another turn, and lead me to Los Angeles - where I now continue to model, as well as act.

At an early age growing up in Botswana, I would watch the Miss Universe competition, while dressed up in my mums dresses and jewelry; mimicking the contestants every move and strongly believe that I one day would also stand on that stage. And by pure chance, and also as fate would have it - I did. And from there on modeling was what I wanted to do. The title and experience showed me that anything really is possible!

The world has many challenges and it’s overwhelming to think about how I as an individual can make a substantial change. I understand that being a model has it’s limitations in making a dent in the bigger challenges that the world faces, but I have found two areas that are very important to me.

The one is bringing focus to the way we consume goods. I believe less is more. We need to go back to a system where we buy and consume less. I think this can be achieved by facilitating to make more quality products that are both good for the environment and healthy for our bodies, as well as making it more beneficial for all involved in the supply chain.

The second is to assist in bringing more diversity and healthier values to the fashion industry. Beauty is relative, and also in the eye of the beholder. We are conditioned to think that beauty is standardized and measured from the outside. I believe beauty comes from within - through strength, confidence and self love. There is no such thing as a perfect face or body - and we can not decide what we are born looking like. We can only embrace it!

I’d like to teach people to be more connected to what they eat, what they wear and the people around them. And to also make them more aware of the reasoning behind their choices; to ask themselves if they truly are listening to themselves, or if their actions are determined by society and what they think is important to others.