Height191cm/6'3" Chest104cm/41" Waist81cm/32" Inseam85cm/33.5" Collar38cm/15" Suit104cm/41"/51 Suit LengthL Shoe46.5 EU/12 US/11.5 UK HairBrown EyesHazel

Growing up, I never thought I would be in the position I am in today. I was overweight, shy, insecure, and an only child of immigrant parents who instilled false limitations with no role model to emulate myself after.

One of my biggest passions in life is personal development. Making the decision to improve my life by improving myself one day at a time led me to a career I love, a healthy lifestyle, a peer group of people that supported me while challenging me to grow, and a desire to give back. In 2016, I started learning about food in a whole new way. I saw documentaries and had conversations with friends about the meat and dairy industry which deeply disturbed me. Though my whole life was tied to animal products, I decided to give up animal products in 2017 with the exception of eggs and occasional seafood.


Though it was very difficult at times, I felt far more at peace spiritually and adopted a complete plant based diet late in 2017. While I do slip up from time to time, I feel proud to do my body, mind, and soul good while being a role model to others seeking positive change by focusing on progress not perfection.

Every day I feel slightly more enlightened about this existence we call life and do my best to share my message on Instagram as well as the PDF books I have written that I distribute free of charge as there are millions of people living lives lacking passion and purpose that I feel obligated to reach. One day I will be on stages and top podcasts sharing my perspectives, strategies, and truths I have learned in hopes of helping others help themselves.

There are so many lessons I have learned from true mentors in the last few years, but the one I have come up with is that happiness is not a result of great relationships, health, wealth, or anything else. True and lasting happiness comes from two things: The right perspective and gratitude. When you see everything in life happening "FOR you" not "TO you", your perspective will always be in alignment. Pair that with a daily practice of gratitude and you can't go wrong. I believe what separates me is that I was not one of these kids that was born to be a model. It took 7+ years to develop myself physically with losing weight, mentally to build confidence and self worth, and socially to build people skills to get to the point where I could be considered a model.