Height188cm/6'2" Chest74cm/29" Waist74cm/29" Inseam84cm/33" Sleeve91cm/36" Suit96cm/38"/48 Suit LengthL Shoe45.5 EU/11 US/10.5 UK HairBlack EyesBrown

S├ębastien is a Multicultural, multilingual latin American actor and model originally from Boston with a passion for the Performing arts and dance, Film and fashion.

Sebastian's passion as a stage performer lead him into TV and film. He recently wrapped a Spanish Speaking Comedy Pilot Series, and two films. S├ębastien is currently the face for American Apparel, a company known for cultural diversity and ethical manufacturing. His passion to bring diversity into the world of film and television has put him at the forefront of a very powerful movement in Hollywood for inclusion and diversity in film and television.