Paul Cannon, a Kumeyaay Ipai Native American wrote the popular tune, “Love Your Life,” a song that depicts the struggles of Native Americans living in a modern western society. Derived from Cannon’s upbringing on the San Pasqual Indian Reservation, Paul’s message serves as a reminder “that no matter what we face or where we come from, we should love this one life we are given.”

The humble talent gravitated towards music during a troubled youth. Homeless by age 14, Cannon floundered between the streets and the judicial system sporting “reckless, dysfunctional behaviors” that included drug addiction and gang violence. Blessed by the “shining light of the kindness of others,” Cannon admits to a desire to “save himself, to do and be different and have a colorful life.” Today, the certified Native healer works with kids who suffer from PTSD, and trauma related issues and works with them in reconnecting family together to “heal ourselves and the world around us."

When not creating music, Cannon serves as Co-founder and Director of Operations and Creative Services for Indigenous Regeneration, a non-profit six-acre farm on his Reservation that educates on sustainable living practices, environmental awareness and climate change response strategies, solar harvesting, water collection, food cultivation, medicinal farming, primitive survival skills, regenerative agriculture concepts and sustainable building techniques for future economic growth on San Diego Reservations.

In 2016 Cannon, Damian DeRobbio and Abner Nevarez formed the trio Iron Sage Wood. A soulful groove combined with world rhythm and conscious lyrics, Iron Sage Wood moves audiences to laugh, dance and sing-a-long. Writing songs of hope and transformation, their work encourages an uplifting human experience all while blending elements of world beat, folk and "Native Americana".