Height5'8" Bust33" A Waist25" Hips37" Dress4 US Shoe8 US HairBlonde EyesBlue/Green

I’m Marie von den Benken, a model out of Hamburg who I was first signed as a model at the age of 14. Although I love to model, my passion lies in writing and today I write professionally for television and develop concepts for movies. I’m also a columnist for the biggest German magazines and newspapers which has, next to my appearances in social networks, made me a relevant influencer in Germany and Europe.

It’s always difficult to describe myself as a role model but when I have to give a reason, I say that I am a vegan, committed to many projects that are close to heart, especially animal welfare and the improvement of our climate. Unlike most other models or influencers, I regularly and drastically express myself on political and social issues and can luckily raise a lot of attention for it. As a person who is able to reach a lot of people and a big community, I think it is my duty to point out the grievances in our world so that more people are encouraged to think about how it possibly can be improved. To publish selfies all day, only to get my daily dose of praise, is not sufficient enough for me - and does not satisfy me in the long turn. Although I love to entertain and make people happy, these issues are what fuel my spirit. 

Because the end of the day nobody will be happy anymore if we don't start dealing much better with our world, nature, people and animals. This is my most important message. Maybe that's what makes me a role model.