Height5'11" Bust34" B Waist25" Hips36" Dress4-6 US Shoe9.5 US HairBrown EyesBlue/Grey

Diving in head first into the fashion world, my career started shortly after finishing school, signing with AM Modelmanagement and IMG Worldwide. I was stoked to be able to travel the world, be financially independent at the age of 18 and meet incredibly inspiring and lovely people. However, after working in the industry for over 4 years with renowned clients, I became increasingly aware of the fashion industries wastefulness, consumerism and impacts on the environment. It made me realise the beliefs I value and the lifestyle that I admire, don’t go in hand at all with my job.

As I grew as a person I became frustrated and lost my drive, and I finally decided to turn away from it and stopped modelling. I have always loved being connected to nature, especially through surfing or diving, and our oceans are one of my biggest passions. So I moved to Portugal where I followed a lowkey and cruelty free lifestyle, right by the sea. However, refreshing as this experience was, that nagging thought in my head that told me to change something for the better never left me.

I was determined to create awareness about the fact that the system we're living in is not sustainable and that it's going to destroy what we hold most precious: Our planet Earth and life on it, as we know it. Eager to connect my work with a higher purpose I soon moved to Berlin, where I was thrilled to find a Design Job at Plan A Earth, a data-driven action platform dedicated to climate change.

My thirst for art and design as well as the connection to all the amazing people I’ve made in the Fashion Industry could never be silenced though. In addition, I love to see people becoming more aware of the environment they live in and take action to preserve our beautiful planet. I believe that as a model you have a powerful voice that you should use, and being a Role Model gives me exactly that opportunity!