Height5'8.5" Bust33" C Waist23" Hips35" Shoe8 US HairBrown EyesBrown

'm Gigi, a multitalented Brazilian model that is passionate about showing others how to shine thier light on the world. I love modeling and when I am in between shoots I love working on my fitness and health and sharing that with my community. Fitness has been one of my biggest drivers as being healthy in this industry is so importnat for a models mental well being. 

My biggest wish is to empower women to grow  from the inside doing whatever makes them happy and whatever helps them find self realization. I'm convinced that women have the power to heal the world when they are coming from a place of self love. I do this by following enviornmentally friendly ways to live and eat and sharing this with my followers! One highlight of my career so far has been wokring with Stella Mccartney, which is alighned with my values.

I took a long time to understand my purpose in life but I get it now as I have started to travel and learn more about the world and I understand that is all about self love- which is not always so easy as a woman, but it is our goal as humans to keep growing and learning and help share what we know with others.