Height5'8" Bust38" D Waist32" Hips37.5" Dress4 US Shoe10.5 US HairDark Brown EyesBrown
VEGAN CHEF South America

I was born and raised on the beautiful shores of Nassau in The Bahamas. Like a true island gal, I spent most of my childhood days on the beach or climbing plum trees. I grew up as a single child in a single parent home with my mom. I told my mom when I was a little girl that I was going to be a model or chef when I grow up. Realizing early that I’ve been drawn to two very different career paths I was determined to make it work. In 2013 my unhealthy relationship with food had come to a head and I was stricken with intense abdominal pain and diagnosed with IBS. This completely changed my interaction with food and I gradually adopted a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle.

Making a healthy transition helped me to realize that my chef/model career dream was definitely possible. I am now a plant-based chef and a mindful model living a green lifestyle. I see myself using my modeling career as a platform to bring awareness to the importance of digestive health and inspire women to become more mindful. It warms my heart to know that I helped someone feel better. I am passionate about helping women build a strong mind and body connection. Throughout my life journey, I have learned to listen to my body and trust my gut instinct. Trust that your intuition will guide you best. I feel that this ability is what set me apart from most persons, I am not afraid to do what I feel is right. My ultimate wish is to become that role model for young women that I wish I had growing up. To be someone that motivates and inspire others to face their fears, to trust their inner voice always and to dream big!