Height5'11" Bust34" C Waist26" Hips36" Dress4-6 US Shoe10.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown

I go by the name ESE, my friends and clients in New York know me by Ese (say like essay). It means Gift in the Urhobo Language. I was born in Lagos Nigeria to parents from the Delta region and Anambra region of Nigeria. So I am Urhobo&Igbo. At 19 I left home after winning a modeling competition, right after I had dropped out of CS studies after only a year due to lack of funds. I believe I won that competition due to my unshakable faith in God and the Law of Attraction.

I like writing and reading and singing helps me feel better when I'm sad. I love music, and I love to practice and teach Yoga. I am passionate about becoming the best version of myself and as such by sharing my journey I can be an example to others and teach them they can write their own stories if they're not afraid to choose. I always wanted to travel and see the world as a child and in my early 20's I have lived in 3 different ones and visited 7 so far and counting. As a role model, I wish to continue to teach the younger generation that they can create their own lives despite the boxes and standards that society will set for them.

With my blog and brand NAPPYESE I curate my unique journey and life experiences to champion Authentic beauty (beauty within), Love and connection, share my knowledge and show that models can also be smart business women too! As well as break limiting standards of beauty. I am different because I choose to continue to stand in my truth despite the challenges I've faced since birth and the boxes society choose to shove me into. Everything is energy and I choose to be a force of light, being in balance with not just the good but also with the bad, because yin and yang makeup the beauty of life. I will continue to step into my light as an artist as I continue my journey through life sharing my love, happiness, beauty, and art with the world through my words, sound, music, and art.