Height5'8" Bust32" C Waist24" Hips34" Dress4-6 US Shoe8.5 US HairBlack EyesBlack

Sylvia Owalla is an independent Kenyan model and fashion enthusiast. She is passionate about re-defining artistic expression and seeks to grow her personal brand, which represents a true, contemporary African aesthetic in a dynamic and robust fashion industry.Her goal is to challenge social norms around artistic adornment by transcending creative boundaries through runway shows, editorials, advertising campaigns commercial assignments and other artistic projects, further enhancing her unique skill set. She ensures that every single assignment or project that she engages in encourages an inclusive industry.

She aims to teach her target audience, young girls and women of colour, that black is a spectrum -- each shade is unique and beautiful. As an advocate for diversity, she encourages her audience to embrace the depth and strength that accompany their black diversity and global diversity.

As a teenager, she began working to improve the lives and outlooks of those around her -- through tutoring children, volunteering at the local dispensary and women's hospital, and engaging in campaigns to foster peace amongst Kenya's many tribes. As a model, she practices professional optimism, bringing her positive outlook and patient, compassionate attitude to every job. She wishes to show those around her -- models, other professionals, and those still finding their way -- the benefits of staying optimistic.

Sylvia’s beautiful dark skin, classically defined cheekbones and collar bones, as well as her natural poise are some of the qualities that make her a unique addition to creative projects. However, her portfolio demonstrates additional, non-physical assets as well: a commitment to professionalism during assignments and a desire to complete all tasks with diligence.