Height5'10.5" Bust33" A Waist24" Hips35" Dress2 US Shoe7 US HairBrown EyesBrown

I had the privilege of growing up in California with a very ethnically diverse family. My father, a chemist turned teacher, and my mother, a homemaker, now reside on Kodiak Island, Alaska (my birthplace), while my only sister is finally pursuing her passion of art after years in the Coast Guard. As for me, I obtained a Bachelor’s in English with the intent of spending my life living and traveling abroad teaching English, mainly as a means of fulfilling my passion of experiencing the unknown, but most importantly, meeting unfamiliar faces and learning about their lives and cultures. However, after graduation, I began teaching international students at a private language program here in the States.

I indeed learned about my students’ lives and cultures, but they also taught me how to be more patient, more caring, and ultimately more emotionally intelligent. While my students were my saving grace and I am still in contact with many of them, I also learned that I need a schedule with a little more spontaneity.

Most recently, after being scouted I decided to take a break from teaching full time. Being on set and doing photoshoots confirmed that I love working with people, but also that to be fulfilled I need to be creating and working on a team with other artists to help creative visions come to life. Modeling has always been something I have been interested in since I was young, but not always something I thought I could do—partially due to insecurities about myself or the way I looked. In this exciting age of rising, powerful, unapologetic women I want to encourage others to make their dreams reality, but to live in love, acknowledging each job and person encountered along the journey as important and integral. I realize I have to be a testament of what I preach, so before I try reaching those abroad, I want to be a Role Model and live day by day creating and making an impression in the lives here at home.