Height5'10" Bust41" DD Waist33" Hips46" Dress14 US HairBlonde EyesBlue/Grey

I have been working as a curve model for seven years. Early in my career It became apparent that my desire to be a model was not simply to play dress up but to inspire others- women of different shapes and sizes who struggled like me with body image, growing up feeling not good enough. I use my voice and platforms to inspire change. I promote cruelty free food and fashion, also I share how I shop ethical fashion and beauty brands. I’d like to influence people that are new to the idea of a compassionate lifestyle and guide them in a kind way that is inspiring, uplifting and empowering.  We can choose a compassionate meal. We can choose clothing and household items that were ethically made. Let’s learn and grow together, connecting and sharing information and guidance from leaders in eco-conscious communities.

My physical appearance is only a vehicle to use my voice to inspire a deeper level of awareness. I would like to be a Role Model to shine light on ethical brands and movements that are making positive change in our Global community. To be a Role Model means I take responsibility for my choices, living with passion and dedication in our evolving world.