Height5'11" Bust33" Waist24" Hips35" Dress6-8 US Shoe9 US HairBrown EyesBrown

Hi everyone, I’m KIKO. I'm an ethical model based in Berlin and Paris.

I work for ethical brands that make positive impacts on the lives of people and animals and the environment. I believe even a model can be a voice for change.

I became a model from being scouted on the street of Tokyo at the age of 13. When I turned 17, I studied abroad in Canada, and that's when and where I started getting involved in the international modeling world. As a result of my work as a model, I began to develop a severe eating disorder. After my recovery, I have been sharing my story to empower others and my work now as an ethical model with media and magazines. Here are some examples:

EcoMogul magazineEluxemagazine, Be Kind Magazine, Ethical Hedonist MagazineBrut.JapanJapan Today, The Alleah, and more.

As a Role Model, I want to be looked into rather than being looked at. I want to encourage others to love and be kind to themselves as much as I can so that they can truly be kind to the planet, people, and animals.

Feel free to visit Sunflower Soul for daily self-love inspiration I share every day and follow my Instagram for ethical modeling. 

Look forward to working with you to create an ethical fashion world!