Height5'9" Bust34" A Waist27" Hips38" Dress6 US Shoe10 US HairSalt and Pepper EyesBrown

Claudine began her modeling journey at the age of 42 and she quickly realized that going grey went beyond the color of her hair, it was also a social experiment into the meaning of self-acceptance. Being drawn to counter cultures her whole life transitioning into maturity was a way to evolve above the status quo, it was an archetype role becoming a "classic model". She thought that she could have a niche and cutting edge above other women in her demographic. Being self-expressed meant she had to find her own uniqueness, as well as, the immense sense of belonging.  

Claudine is also a yoga instructor and divorcee with two boys. Through single-parenting, modeling and teaching, she rediscovered what made her feel whole. She teaches her students from her own self-awareness and by using the teachings of ancient philosophy she believes everyone can align themselves with their truest self. Modeling gave her a platform to align herself to these principles and achieve her aspiration without having to accommodate how the world expected her to be.