Height6'0" Chest15.5" Waist33" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe9 US HairBrown EyesBrown
CREATIVE South America

Rodrigo Müller is a Brazilian model and film producer who takes a wide view of the whole system. He created PLUS Art Films for excellence in story telling celebrating the extraordinary transformation of the world. The production company aims to provoke inspiration and debates among the audiences. The first relevant work of PLUS Art Films is the documentary film about ethical fashion and craft called MODA.DOC América Latina. 

The international career as a model and the studies of Sociology, Law, Environmental Law, Cinema provides Rodrigo Müller a solid base for his work. “Today there is an urgent need for education of the general public to develop the concept of conscious consumption. The consumer must be aware of the influence of media. The consumer has the real power. The power of demand. The market only seeks to respond to the demand”.  

As a Role Model and an active citizen Rodrigo Müller wants to cooperate with global companies. There are a number of these companies each doing their part to solve social and environmental issues. Many companies are committed to addressing issues like fair labor practices, reducing carbon emissions, supporting access to education, improving global health, and so much more. The world needs active citizens working together creating good values.