Height5'9.5" Chest38" Waist31.5" Inseam33.5" Collar16.5" Shoe8.5 US HairDark Brown EyesGrey

Born in Barcelona and settled in Paris, most of the time I'm a professor and I've doing so for the last years, teaching tourism, marketing and sustainability in college. Besides, I worked for several years as a Revenue and Marketing specialist in the Hospitality Industry and lately managing Corporate Social Responsibility as well as Sustainable Development Plans for the Industry along with the public administration for the city of Barcelona in Spain.

Anyways, even though my areas of expertise are quite different from the upcoming one, I always had a thing for fashion. I love arts (as you can tell by my tattoos), culture, design and I enjoy listening to the music that makes me throb and helps me to disconnect and reconnect (cliché). I believe in freedom and self-expression. Nowadays, some of my passions are travel and fashion while being responsible. I teach sustainability in tourism and promote sustainable brands so I try to share with my students and followers everything I learn and it's essential for a better world.

If we are the so-called “influencers” in this digital era, we better do it in the best possible way!