Height6'2" Chest39" Waist32" Suit40" Suit LengthR Shoe11 US HairDark Blonde EyesBlue
VEGAN Europe

First of all, I’m vegan because of 3 things: for the environment, for the animals and my personal health.

I noticed that in The Netherlands most people don’t know how bad it is for them, or the planet, when they eat too much animal products, and we do consume a lot of that over here. Besides in Amsterdam, there aren’t many vegan options in supermarkets and restaurants. So next to the lack of knowledge it is also quite difficult for people to eat vegan and to change there lifestyle.

I think that if models/online influencers can be trendsetters in fashion, why not in veganism? So, what I mostly do now is post pics of my food on Instagram to show people what I made and that vegan food can be tasty too. I get lots of positive reactions and I tell them how to make it the dish and where to buy all the ingredients. I also collaborate with a couple sustainable fashion brands and vegan restaurants from Amsterdam to give them more exposure. In that way I hope I can make an impact.

My goal is to help people becoming more mindful of their actions and inspire them with my own experiences. Being part of Rolemodels management is an extra step in the right direction!