Height5'11.5" Chest38.5" Waist30.5" Suit40" Shoe9 US HairDark Blonde EyesBrown
Hi I'm Guillem and I love music. Creating music and playing the bass guitar is my passion. Currently I am training to be a DJ- my style is a mix of African roots music and house. I love to create positive vibes through music! I started modeling 3 years ago and every day I learn something new. 

I love sports and staying active. Where I live in Valencia, Spain I go everywhere riding my bike. Not only is it good for my health and the planet, but it is also empowering and I try to encourage people to appreciate the beautiful weather and city and experience it on their feet or bike. During my years as a volunteer for the Boy Scouts, we taught the kids the values of nature, friendship, respect and generosity. To me the most important thing is to defend the freedom of expression, especially in todays times when there are a lot of political unrest all over the world. 

As a model I like to work with brands that parctice fair trade and respect nature. I am not the most influential person but I always strive in my daily life and through my social media platforms to inspire everyone to be free, respectful with others and with nature, and share what it is that you have to give. All that we really have isour health and happiness.