Height5'11" Chest37.5" Waist30.5" Shoe11 US HairBrown Venetian EyesBrown

My passion is life, travel and creating new experiences. I want to make people enjoy life, enjoy the life we have to live, to make something “out of the box”, to go ahead and travel the world, meet the different types of humans that exist, different cultures, and see how wonderful the life can be when you step outside of your comfort zone.

I am nineteen, learning and growing in a beautiful and unstable world. Growing up in Brazil and seeing the different people and being surrounded by such beautiful cultures has made me what I am today. I live by the philosophy that all people are created equal regardless of race, ethnic background or ability. Brazil is a beautiful mixed population, and still has a lot of growing and learning to do. Not everyone accepts the different racial groups, body types, and sexual orientations and so I always want to show diversity on my platforms and work with brands that are forward thinking to be a part of the solution. I am mixed and have different cultures in my family, and the stronger ones are Japanese and Italian. As a child I was bullied because my “closed eyes”, and my different type of nose, and I realized the way to fight the projeduce I had to be confident and show others that I am proud of my features and the diversity that has made me who I am.

Why do I think it's important to be a Role Model? I know that with every action I take there are always eyes on me. Even the simple act of picking up trash off the street to make the neighborhood and environment better helps to encourage someone else who may have never thought of not littering before to start respecting the environment around them. Every action we do or don't do influences the next generation, so with my platform and in my community I chose to be the change I wish to see in the world.