Height6'2" Chest41" Waist38" Suit40" Shoe8 US HairLight Brown EyesHazel

Samuel is a man of simple things with a passion for ultra trail running, a sport that means running in the wild for hours and hours, sometimes more than 100 km. He loves being in the mountains in the silence of mother nature and whenever he gets the chance, he gets out with his van and tries to be as close to nature as he cans. This is the lifestyle that naturally brought him to veganism and today he demonstrates to people that it’s possible to be vegan, with all it includes, and at the same time being an endurance runner or a model.

“I try not to be preachy about it. I water the seeds by giving people a concrete example of why we shouldn’t do certain things to our planet and it’s beings. Then I just hope that, with some time, a beautiful flower will grow in the person’s mind. I started modeling later in life and I’m excited to be on board with Role Models and to team up with brands that share my values. Together we can make a difference in this world.”