Height6'2" Chest40" Waist33.5" Suit38.5" Suit LengthR Shoe11.5 US HairBlack EyesBrown

I advocate for single fathers, people who have struggled in life and had to emigrate to try and provide for their family. I would like to use my story to inspire other male parents and dismantle the stereotype, that men are unable or that it is socially unacceptable and professionally unviable for men to single-handedly raise a child.

I would love to encourage others to overcome adversity and turn any situation into something good. What initially seemed to be a problem, while becoming a single parent and not being able to work a regular 9-5 job made me improvise and so I took on the challenge of becoming a model and overcoming my insecurities in order to be able to work remotely and still provide for my son not only financially but in terms of spending time with him as his only parent in charge. To anyone who is facing financial or emotional adversities and is unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel I like to share my story and tell them stay focused. Face your problems and set yourself new and realistic goals. Step by step. Set up a realistic plan and remain focused and patient. Also don't forget to enjoy the process because the beauty is not only the goal we want to achieve but in the process to reach them.

I was born and raised in a crossroad of 3 cultures, which allowed me to have a very unique perspective of things. I wish to encourage others to live a physically and emotionally healthy life and motivate single parents to have goals and look ahead of the tough times of being a single parent. If I can make it, anyone can.