Height175cm/5'9" Bust87cm/34.5" A/B Waist61cm/24" Hips88cm/34.5" Dress32 EU/2 US/4 UK Shoe38.5 EU/7.5 US/5.5 UK HairBlack EyesBrown
Location New York

Jenny is a student from Shanghai, China, who found her way into green fashion when studying Sustainable Systems at Parsons School of Design in NYC. She fell in love with fashion early in her life and knew then that she wanted to go into design. After doing a simple street shoot as a model, she also realized that by becoming a model she would enter yet another world, enabling her to do things differently.

“Every exciting part of this city really boosts my desire to pursue me doing things that I love, which are fashion marketing and modeling. Meanwhile, I truly love modeling. I love to present myself as a confident woman. With modeling, I want to spread happiness to others. I hope my optimism and energetics is able to infect people all around the world.

This year’s course, Sustainable Systems, really opened my eyes to many things that I had never thought about before. I understand now the urgency and the importance for people to do things that are good for the environment by preventing climate change.

Doing the things I love is my passion. I like to keep learning about different things in life, no matter for school or modeling. By being a Role model, I want to spread happiness to others. I hope I can give them inspirations in life.”