Height180cm/5'11" Bust81cm/32" A Waist58cm/23" Hips84cm/33" Dress30-32 EU/0-2 US/2-4 UK Shoe41 EU/10 US/7 UK HairLight Blonde EyesBrown
Location New York

Hi, I’m Justine, a native New Yorker who became a model by chance when I was scouted at Union Square. It took me by surprise but when I accepted the role as a model, I saw the importance for the world to see more diversity in beauty like myself.

I don’t see myself a traditional beauty. I'm bi-racially mixed with Puerto Rican and Dominican, which is a mixture in itself. As a model, I want to show girls from all diverse cultures that beauty comes from within, a lesson that took time for me to learn and embrace.

I’m very passionate about nature; the nature within us and the nature outside of us. For 3 years now I have fine tune in creating my own compost and juice with sheddings, things I’ve learned from volunteering at local gardens. I so far tested my juice on local trees near me that were weak and dying, to later become stronger, with rejuvenated soil that is lush and green like never before. Every time I walk by these trees it makes me happy to know that their thickness in their branches is because I gave back to the world.

I’m planning to start my own business that is an eco-friendly and women-empowerment driven collaboration between organizations of Native Americans and alternative energy. In the meantime I support designers and mentors by modeling for them or taking their lessons on how I can better contribute to the world, starting with myself; in vegan food, in conscious awareness of what I am buying, and in creating on my own to meet my needs and reducing my waste.

I want to be a Role Model in the sense of what I looked up to. When I was growing up with Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and Aaliyah. These ladies carried themselves with grace in their beliefs and helped cultivate compassion from the world. Revealing the truth of the sheltered world we live in.

I, too, want to live my life in what I believe in on a grand scale with the masses. I believe we need to be responsible for what is going on in the world on every level, socially and environmentally. We cannot just hope things to get better, we need to take a stand in our beliefs through actions and true intentions. The small steps we take in the masses to better ourselves in self awareness, self love, and actions is what will make a strong impact in world by starting with yourself.