November 27, 2020

On November 19th, 2020 Role Models Hosted a virtual Friendsgiving Fundraiser. Role Models teamed up with Pledgeling to collect donations for Remake. Remake is a community of millennial and Gen Z women who pledge to wear Remake's values and put an end to fast fashion. The virtual event was a huge success. The Role Models community and friends raised over $800 for Remake! A big thanks to everyone who helped organize the event and the generosity of those who attended. We are #ProudToInspire!

Some highlights from the night included cake baking, sustainable holiday crafts, a talk from Ayesha the founder of Remake and Nothing New November with Laura Madden. Quick links are below!

Cake Baking Kits from The Caker

Remake's Resources

Nothing New November from Laura Madden

Sustainable Holiday Craft Ideas for: