October 09, 2020

We could all use some positivity as we begin to wrap up what has been an indescribable year. Our close friend and partner, Marci Zaroff, wrote an article featured in Women's Wear Daily about "accepting the 'weight' of today and moving forward with optimism. There are many great things in the article that will lift your spirits, so be sure to head over to WWD to read the full article. Before you do, we must draw your attention to the part where YesAnd is mentioned for their new line of organic "VOTE" T's, which are modeled by two of our very own, Madeleine McGillivray and Amanda Leemis

Here are a few highlights from the article!


"Livia Firth is launching the world’s first digital green carpet with her Green Carpet Fashion Awards debuting live on YouTube on Oct. 10 — with a focus on rebirth, reuse and togetherness."

Cooling Climate Change

"With a... government that abandons environmental commitments, individuals and brands have taken it upon themselves to slow the impacts of climate change. One such strategy involves a growing awareness of regenerative agriculture as a climate solution. The ability of the soil to draw carbon out of our atmosphere and back into the Earth, where it belongs, is the focus of a new documentary, “Kiss the Ground,” which debuted on Netflix on Sept. 22."

Fashion Is Political

“Yes And” has released organic “VOTE” Ts and masks to encourage participation in a fair and accessible election cycle. Likewise, Abrima Erwiah, who co-founded sustainable fashion brand Studio 189 with Rosario Dawson, has launched Fashion Our Future 2020, a group of influential fashion voices working together to ignite voters."