September 15, 2020

Porter Magazines’ recent fashion memo dives into three different conversations about the changing fashion industry and the future of sustainability post COVID. Role Models Management is proud to represent Áine Rose Campbell, one of the three women selected to share their stories.

Áine Rose Campbell—the co-founder of the Model Mafia, a community of over 400 fashion models who take collective action to create a more fair and just world—discusses ways to improve sustainability in the fashion industry.

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From Porter Magazine

  • Be the change: “Our continuous education internally is one of our achievements, because we’re building internal advocates who will go on set and feel more comfortable and more versed in talking about the climate crisis – and how fashion contributes to it. When you’re a model, you have touch points with everybody – the makeup artist, the hair artist, the stylist, the photographer – and you can engage with them all and start opening up these conversations. That in itself is extremely powerful. One of the things I did on a shoot once – when we had a lot of food left over after our lunch break and I felt uncomfortable about it being thrown away – was to call a nearby shelter to ask if they wanted it. I was unsure whether it would make me look like a troublemaker or not, but in fact, the rest of the production team felt the same way. I gave the studio the contact details of the shelter and they now give them any food that’s appropriate. To me, that is such a good example of how just speaking up and saying something, even when you’re a bit nervous too, can have a really positive impact.”
  • Build an online community of powerful voices: “I’m really enjoying watching this culture shift towards women leaders and BIPOC [Black, Indigenous and People of Color] leaders who are in fashion. I think it’s going to be really powerful. Activists like Dominique Drakeford and Teju Adisa-Farrar, environmentalists like Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (who is an amazing biologist and advises a lot of people in fashion) and Céline Semaan, who is a co-founder of Slow Factory.”
  • Put equality at the heart of everything: “Something I think we in fashion should be thinking about right now – given how Covid and the BLM movement have shifted our mindset further towards community, lower consumption, the environment and social justice – is, how can fashion support and continue to foster this shift towards sustainability, equity and justice? How can we use fashion to create a better world for all of us? I'm optimistic that fashion, which touches all of our lives, can be a leader in sustainability.”

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How to Create a Sustainable Future for Fashion