February 07, 2020

Thank you Zero Waste Daniel for including us in your spectacular show to kick off this season's NYFW - "Who killed fashion?" We're honored that you chose to let our mission-driven and passionate #rolemodels represent your #zerowaste clothes to the world!

Take a look at some of the amazing photos by Kevin W Condon

"Who Killed Fashion?
How do you kill an entire industry?
Was it polyester?
Was it the hustle?
Was it stretch pants?
Was it fast fashion?
Was it planned obsolescence?
Was it keeping up with the Jones’s?
Was it elitism?
Was it disposable culture? 
Or was it counterfeit culture?
Was it false advertising?
Was it overconsumption?
Was the rent just too damn high?

No. It was greed. Greed Killed Fashion. Our sweet, beautiful, unassuming fashion. What once was a way of expressing ourselves, a tradition of craftsmanship, a visual cultural identifier - is now dead. Not by a fabric, or by rent, but by a force. A force so powerful that it has extracted every last ounce of life from a once flourishing art and has left us a lifeless legacy of leggings and hoodies in its wake. I am pointing my finger at Greed. It was Greed that exploited fashion, until it’s death - trend by trend, and so today we mourn the fabulous and sometimes questionable fashions that have fallen victim to the greed. In the name of Fashion we mourn. I vow to avenge the death of fashion, and I promise greed will never kill Zero Waste Daniel." - Daniel