February 05, 2020



10 Ways to Dress Like a Sustainable Fashion Pro

On January 31st we released a video of tips and tricks for navigating the fashion industry in a sustainable and glamorous way! Our RoleModels teamed up with Re/make to bring awareness to an industry issue that we know as fast fashion. In a fun and liberating way these talented women shared with us how they think sustainably when it comes to styling their looks. Each person has their own unique style and a totally different way of curating it. There are many options for thinking consciously when it comes to purchasing or NOT purchasing clothing and accessories. So maybe re-wearing the same look isn't your style, but you really enjoy swapping outfits with your pals! You my friend, are a sustainable fashion pro. You don't have to love every tip we suggest, even though we'll still encourage you to wear that sweater a few more times before passing it along ;)

Here are 3 of our favorite tips to get you started:

  • Buy empowered
  • Trade in
  • Show it off

Watch the full video for more ways you can be a #sustainablefashionpro

We are so thankful to everyone who participated in making this video. Take a look at our behind the scenes with re/make!

Re/make is a nonprofit organization that is igniting a conscious consumer movement to turn fashion into a force for good.