January 12, 2020

MODA.DOC Latin America is much more than a film project. It’s a movement about ethical fashion and the Latin American culture. Created and directed by Rodrigo Müller.

It is a film project, in the format of a documentary, television series and web series that aims to show to the people of Latin America and around the world who truly is transforming the fashion industry on our continent.

“Fast fashion, which is a business model that produces in large quantities and is sold all over the world. Fast Fashion is business and design. However, fashion is so much more than that. Fashion is business, design, industry, materials, sustainability, culture, art. I felt the desire to travel to these countries to show to the entire world what has been happening here on our continent. I discovered amazing brands that are causing a positive impact by making extraordinary work. These brands do not have the required capacities to be on television or in magazines. Which is why an unbiased channel is required to connect brands with consumers.” –Müller

Watch the trailer here

Every month, they release 4 videos related to ethical fashion in Latin América. So be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel. MODA.DOC AMÉRICA LATINA