December 09, 2019

On Saturday, December 6th, Role Model and vintage queen Milena Majewska decided to host her first clothing swap party in New York City - to great success! Her long lived passion for fashion and styling led her to start The Vintage Riot, an online store where she sells curated vintage pieces from around the world, which also furthered her interest in sustainable fashion and the impact the industry has on the world.

When we partnered with Re/Make in early 2019 many of our models decided to become ambassadors to help spread their message and mission. Milena was one of them and this clothing swap materialized as a beautiful example of what fashion can look like when we put a new spin to fashion - and decide to make it fun! The rules of a clothing swap is simple: bring a few pieces you no longer love or use, show up to mingle, and walk home with a few new pieces to fill your closet - for free! By circulating fashion like this we can stop clothes from ending up in landfills at the same time as we lower the demand for fast fashion. The fuzzy wines and vegan treats just brings the free shopping experience to a whole new level... try beating that in any store?!

Milena, we are so proud of you for all your endeavors and just like everything else you do, you nailed this one with style!

Would you like to start hosting clothing swaps in your area? Please contact Remake te get involved and become an ambassador of your own.