October 25, 2019

We have exciting news to share! One of our darling brands - Amour Vert - just opened up their tenth store on Spring Street in New York City. Which, if anything, shows that sustainable fashion is here to GROW. They celebrated their opening with an intimate dinner discussion on sustainable fashion and we were honored to have been given seats at that table. The topic is not black and white and questions continue to rise on what’s the right way to go about this industry. What we came to over the course of the night is that we need to strive for progress over perfection, and that we all must help to continuously spread awareness on the topic.

Here’s a few highlights of the night that can hopefully get you started to make more empowered, conscious decision with your fashion.

  • Fibers and material in clothing is very important. Not only is it harmful to the planet to make clothing out of polyester, nylon and other oil-based fabrics, it’s also not good for YOU. Look for textiles like organic cotton, hemp, linen, tencel, silk and wool. 

  • Even though recycling polyester is obviously better than creating new, these fibers still shed #microplastics each time we wash our clothes, and our bodies absorb them through our skin when we wear them.

  • We can’t just look to materials and supply chain when talking about sustainable fashion. How those clothes were made and by whom plays a huge part as well. Sustainability is about so much more than the environment, we need to also sustain the health for the people involved in fashion - from garment worker to model!

  • VALUE & DEMAND! No matter how we spin it, it all comes down to how much we love and appreciate our clothes. Buy stuff YOU really love and wear it over and over again with pride. If it breaks, mend it. If you’re sick of it, trade it with a friend. One thing I love about Amour Vert is that their mission is to sell out - every single piece - and once their out, their out. 

Thank you Amour Vert for having us and for including us in this exciting conversation that is #sustainablefashion. We also salute you for your mission on planting trees, and if you want to help support that you can get your hands on one of these T’s!