October 03, 2019

Created by Milena Majewska in 2018, The Vintage Riot is an online boutique offering carefully sourced vintage garments from all over the world. Milena was recently interviewed on her vintage mission and passion for fashion and sustainability by Rachel On The Run and we’re so in love with the article we had to share it here.

“I really like to speak to the history of a garment or fabric and share that with others, so I’ve been doing a lot of research,” she told me, her face lighting up. “For instance linen; it’s thousands of years old, linen was the first cloth! It’s pretty incredible. I want my vintage to be fun and informative.”

Head over to rachelontherun.com and check out the article and make sure to follow The Vintage Riot for updates on the latest Milena has in stock. Naturally she’s a vintage queen herself and she always shows up looking flawlessly fashionable and stylish. For inspiration on how to become more consciously aware of your closet, while keeping the art in fashion in place, make sure to follow Milena on instagram: @milajaweska

“Changing to vintage came naturally. It was my personal style and I became more aware of how destructive the fashion industry is. It’s the second most polluting industry in the world. I started with vintage denim, my favorite is from Paris. It’s fun to offer people items that are already circulating. You can look cool and it’s going to last, you’re going to value it. You have to take care of your clothes- just like your body and skin- hand-wash your favorite pieces.”