September 30, 2019

“I’m here to give a speech tonight about my agency, Role Models Management . And as much as I’m obviously so incredibly proud to say that I’m the founder of an ethical modeling agency, representing models who are not only beautiful but also mission-driven and powerful beyond their looks, I’m even more so excited to think about the fact that we live in a world today where an agency like that get to exist. Think about what that means, and think about what it means that we’re all here tonight - as women, as a community, as mission-driven, passionate human citizens - committed to make a change.” 

I, Anne Therese, had the incredible honor of giving a speech at the Women Power Our Planet event in NYC on September 18th, focused on how we can all work for a habitat future planet. Thank you so much for having me and thank you to the incredible panel who made this night so empowering and insightful. Our mission with the evening was to spread awareness to what an incredible power we have as women (and men) with how we invest our money. #divest and #breakupwith your bank is our call to action, and please check out @womenpowerourplanet and follow us for more upcoming events.