September 25, 2019

While a flock of photographers crowded the streets of Milan to capture images of the parade of influencers leaving the much-discussed Versace show on Friday, a different kind of procession was happening on the streets of New York. In solidarity with youth around the world, New Yorkers flooded Manhattan to participate in the global Climate Strike. Led by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg and a host of local organizers, the demonstration was created to highlight the urgency of a global response to climate breakdown and to push for a transition away from the fossil fuels that are helping perpetuate it. *Source: Fashionista*

Part of that crowd was Role Models co-founder Anne Therese with a handful of our own models alongside other members of the Model Activist community. In other cities, such as Milan and LA, other models from our family were marching as well.We decided to participate in the strike to show our support in the climate justice issue and to ask the fashion industry to change. Quoting Robin Shaw (Role Model): 

"I feel that it is extremely important for members of the fashion industry to participate in events like this. We need to recognize that our industry is a major contributor [to climate change]... I hope that major fashion brands recognize that complacency is no longer an option."

Model Activist is a community of over 250 fashion models globally, founded by Cameron Russell and Aine Rose Campbell (Role Model), working together for a more equitable, just, sustainable industry & world!

Photos by Benjamin Rosser.