August 29, 2019

“As a women-run company, we’re passionate about sharing the stories and journeys of the women we make our sneakers for—because we believe a better representation of women’s voices

When we saw that Keds were looking for real female entrepreneurs for their new campaign we threw our fists in the air and said “Yassss” and submitted a bunch of our fabulous ladies (because if you’re representing models on a mission, and many of them will be those fiercely driven girl bosses who want to create something in this world). They chose for their campaign Emma Fried, who recently founded her own vegan and sustainable nail polish brand Talon Polish, and we couldn’t be happier with their choice. It’s with proud hearts we now see Emma representing strong and independent women to be a voice for others and follow her lead. On Women’s Equality Day she was flown to LA to attend a panel with Keds and the other ladies from the campaign and together they got to sit down with KTLA Morning News to talk about their lives as female entrepreneurs and, quite frankly, what it’s like to be a girl boss!

Watch the full interview here and don’t forget to check out Emma’s brand, Talon Polish. Here is also her full portfolio and Role Model story: Emma Fried