July 04, 2019

My agency reached out to me about a new line of clothing they wanted to help promote. Tact & Stone is on a mission to provide sustainable and fashionable wardrobe staples. I’m not as familiar with sustainability as I should be. This collaboration wasn’t mandatory, but I took it as an opportunity to learn more about sustainable fashion and start a conversation. So I’ll be showing how I styled three items from the brand below.

After college, I worked at the mall for a while. I remember thinking the retailer was so wasteful. We threw away damaged products. We didn’t recycle boxes or marketing materials. We even tossed out store displays at the end of the season. Think of all the waste if every retailer in the country has similar practices. That doesn’t even take into account how the items are made.

We’re all familiar with climate change. Each year we see more of its effects, but I don’t do enough to contribute to a solution. This post isn’t about condemning anyone or even encouraging you to change your habits. The goal is to start a conversation and plant a seed. Things aren’t going to change overnight, but it’s important for us all to be aware of the effects of our choices.

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