May 27, 2019

What role do models and other influencer play in our society when it comes to educating the masses on social justice and positive, environmental change? And what are the conversations that we, as a society, need to be having in order to fuel that change?

Those were the highlighted questions at our event in San Francisco on May 21st, a night hosted in collaboration with Mindspace, Rock Juice Inc and Health-Ade Kombucha. In an attempt to spark curiosity and start conversations that matter, the team at Tonlé, a zero-waste fashion brand in San Francisco, had put together a gorgeous photo-booth backdrop made from 75 pounds of second-hand clothing - the equivalent of textile waste going into landfills every minute in San Francisco alone! The idea with the backdrop was to find creative ways to educate the consumer on important issues as well as bringing awareness to the change that needs to happen in an empowering way.

Empowered selfie photos and sustainable, vegan mingle was followed by a vibrant panel of passionate and engaged women in the change making field. Alongside Anne Therese, our co-founder and panel moderator we had Ayesha Barenblat - Founder of Remake, Melissa Sun - Director of Entertainment Partnerships at Sierra Club, and Kelsey Issel - Art Director at the Midway SF . The panel featured a discussion about how we can change pop culture to influence the fashion - and other industries - for good. A lot of important insights along with simple tips on how we can all play our part for the better (mixed in with a few great laughs) left us all feeling empowered to get out there and help work for a better planet.

A big thank you to everyone who came and thanks to Mindspace for helping us put this event together!