May 22, 2019

Recently our Role Model Ashley Morgan was featured in a project called Own Your I AM - showing the world that she’s more than just her color. At Role Models Mgmt we love missions like these and we wanted to chat with the brain behind the project, Raven Roberts, to learn what her mission and what she aims to do with Own Your I AM.

Our mission is to erase the lines of colorism and the social injustice that comes from it by empowering women to own who they say they are and not what the world says about them.

I wanted to start the organization because I know how colorism affected me growing up and well into adulthood and didn’t want another woman and girl to feel the same. I got the idea after watching Bill Duke’s Dark Girls and one story really resonated with me. A story of a woman whose mother was saying all these amazing things about her and at the very end said: “If she only had any lightness to her skin.” And I knew then that I needed to help women, girls and especially mothers not pass on their insecurities and skewed views onto their children.

We want to make women of color feel validated, seen, enough, cared for, heard, respected, worthy, not alone and beautiful. We want women to know that they are not alone in the way they feel and the experiences they’ve had. We share colorist stories on our Instagram and Blog to shed light on colorism and what women are going through.

Check out their website: and follow the mission on IG: @ownyouriam