May 16, 2019

“Women are my inspiration and my power role in this world is to inspire young and old women; that it’s possible to realize their dreams when they start to work from the inside first then out and make the adjustments needed to achieve their goals!”

The gorgeous Gigi Queiroz was chosen as one of the featured models in Stella McCartney’s SS19 short film and The British Thoughts thinks she’s so cool they decided to make a story on her. We’re so excited to have a Role Model promote provocative and future-centric fashion like Stella and we wanted to get some of her own words on the experience as well.

To be selected to be one of the models in Stella McCartney’s SS19 short film must feel pretty unreal, please tell us how it all came about.

I was chosen two days before the date of the job! Actually, I didn't believe I would be chosen because I attend the casting at the last minute and I knew many models participate in the casting before me. It was a real, positive surprise!

How was it like to work for such a world-renowned designer like Stella?

It was a dream come true for me! I’m a big fan of Stella and I love the way she deals with sustainability. Because to me to go in the sustainable direction means not losing the fashion vein, and to surprise the conventional market by showing that it is possible to be cool, fashionable, and sustainable, all in perfect harmony.

Is this the first time you’ve been introduced to sustainable and cruelty-free fashion?

Yes! I would love to work more for sustainable and ecological fashion brands!

Now when you’ve entered the world of modeling, what do you wish to do with this platform?

I hope I can be inspired by new people and new experiences and to inspire more people on the way.

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