May 01, 2019

Zuzanna Buchwald is not just a model and dedicated mom, she’s also someone who’s passionate about transforming the industry and bring power to women to shine their most authentic lights. Recently she co-directed a series of 7 films for a Youtube Channel Real Women Real Stories in support for the He For She movement.

They are vulnerable stories of women that balanced and/or overcame body image issues, eating disorders, body shaming, lack of confidence and other struggles. In the series we see Zuzanna herself, along with Role Models Mandy Dimarzo and Brana Dane. Please click the video icon to see them all.

“I hope those stories will make other women feel less alone. I hope they will inspire positive change in anyone who is not that great with that whole self-love-thing yet. My dream is that all other women, moms, models, athletes, artists and media consumers hear those stories and reflect on what’s truly important when we think about ourselves.” - Zuzanna