April 09, 2019

What does it mean to be a vegan model?

For Jackie Almeida, it means turning down the job opportunities that don’t match her values and to only work with brands that stand for cruelty-free practices and ethics. It can be a bold move for a model to make, with a career where income is always uncertain and you never know when the next opportunity will appear. However, for Jackie, there is no other option.

“I’m a model but I’m also a vegan and about five years ago I started to say no to brands that don’t align with my values. My agencies understood my decision but said that my work would decrease. At the moment I thought to myself: ‘working with brands that can benefit my career or follow a path that brings me a good conscious?’ I did not even hesitate on that decision.

Maybe I have limited my work but the brands I work for now I know are making a difference. That’s why I loved this shoot with Pravana, a cruelty-free brand with several vegan products! On jobs like these, I can feel how my modeling has a greater purpose. The world only changes if we change. It’s time to be bold.”