February 25, 2019

When our role models Jessica decided to host yet another beach cleanup and asked if we had any kind souls who might want to come and help out, of course, we said yes. (That’s just one of the perks you have from representing a group of passionate and committed models - you know they will show up if they can!) So during a sunny but rather chilly day in LA we came together to help clean the beach from toxic plastics. Even in such a small area we were able to gather a whole bunch of micro-trash! It’s sad to see, but empowering to know that we can make a difference.

To help advocate for a plastic-free future, please consider the following as advice from Tap:

Carry a reusable bottle

The 2017 data shows the average American uses 19.5 single-use plastic water bottles per month. Can you get that to 0?

Take the #Drinkdifferent pledge

If you're up for the challenge of going 30 days without using a single-use plastic water bottle, then share that incredible feat with the world! Tag @findtap when you do!

Download Tap

Whether it's locally or when traveling abroad, the Tap app shows you where to find the nearest water source to refill. You can even change the settings to only show filtered options.

A big thank you to Summit for co-hosting, HealtheBay and Alison Teal for sharing insight and true wisdom,  and Chameleon coffee for the morning wake-up!