February 25, 2019

Emma’s dream is to one day own her own nail salons and as a right step in that direction, she decided to launch her own nail polish: Talon. The compassionate eco-warrior that she is, of course, the polish is vegan, cruelty-free, toxic-free and produced by women in southern California. So yes, the entire supply chain is women-owned and operated as well.

“I am hoping to have a bottle return program for refills and reuse, so we can cut down on waste even further. I’m also looking into cap options to move away from the traditional plastic caps and my goal is to become carbon neutral in the future. I personally love wearing the polish, and both friends and I have noticed our nails are much stronger!

Polish for me has been a way of expression and accessorizing that I can understand, I am not fashionable and very overwhelmed by everything fashion, but nail polish I can have fun with and mix it up while having minimal clothing/uniform wardrobe.”

We’re so proud of Emma and wish her all the luck on this new venture! If you’re interested in getting your hands (or nails) on a bottle of vegan and natural nail polish, make sure to check out Talon!