February 25, 2019

Daniella is a singer-songwriter, model, and environmentalist who believes in taking action towards the kind of world we want to live in. She has drawn a lot of attention through her music writing and art as a nude yogi, and recently she decided to spread awareness around the current political climate and it’s injustices by making a T-shirt: I am a Power Femme.

Currently, personal choices and political views are an acceptable cause for discrimination and victim blaming. Progress has only come through the rejection of the status quo and our willingness to speak about and stand up for what we believe in. All of us want to live in a place where it's safe to express our nature and our uniqueness. We will no longer tolerate being labeled and put in a box. We are multifaceted, in all of our power.

Not my clothes, not the skin you see, not my nationality, not my sexual preferences.

I am a Power Femme.

She invites you to make this statement too! You can shop the T-shirt here, which is ethically made in Los Angeles with 100% organic cotton.