February 07, 2019

What does it mean to Dress Like You Care? Care about the people, about animals, about the planet and about the future? With the awareness growing of the impact that fashion fashion has had on the planet, and with stories of scandalous treatments of garment workers from all corners of the world, it’s becoming pretty damn clear we we have to do something to change this trend. What what do we do? And how do we care?

Who Cares Chronicles wanted to make it simple for the consumer to make those conscious decisions that can change the dirty trends of fashion, and so they developed a manifest of 10 ways that you can #DressLikeYouCare. We partnered up with them to use our roster of empowered models and share this message with the world. With the campaign that went live this week we’re encouraging you to share this message and keep the momentum going by challenging three others.

It’s simple. Pick one of the 10 Manifestos, share a photo of how you #DressLikeYouCare, and tag 3 others who you want to do the same. Below are some examples of what posts going live already, and please, if you’re reading this, keep the momentum going by posting your own!

WE CAN DO THIS! Together we can.