January 29, 2019

What does it mean to be an ethical agency? We think it’s about so much more than just representing ethical models and there’s a big responsibility with on the agency side to lay the grounds necessary to support the models and their missions. We want to see models in the industry that are passionate about positive change and that want to use their platforms for good, and help empower them to feel like the Role Models they’re meant to be. We also wish to see a healing industry where models feel beautiful, and empowered, rather than men and women who are told their beauty is all that matters and are made to feel afraid to speak up.

So with that philosophy in mind, we wanted to kick off this year with a bang and what a BANG it was! On a sunny Saturday in our office in LA, we brought or role models together for a fun day with inspiration, education, delicious healthy foods and vision board creation. The idea with this day was to build on the community feeling in the agency and give our models a chance to get to know each other better, as well as bring in some speakers from the outside to educate on how we can all help inspire our audiences to progressive change.  

A big thank you to Remake who co-hosted this event with us and who came in to talk about the fashion industry, it’s many flaws, and how we can all make fashion a force for good. Also, thank you to Imperfect Produce who brought some “ugly” veggies and taught us about food waste and its impact and thank you to Beaming for fueling us with plant-based, healthy and nutritious foods! Lasty, a big thanks to our role model Jessica Jones who spoke about her new mission: Tap, and talked about the importance of cutting down on our plastic waste.

The day was a blast and the models stayed well over time, thoughtfully creating their individual vision boards and chatting with each other as they set intentions for the year come. Dreams about success, finding balance, changing the status quo and speaking up for innovative things like natural and sustainable products. We left with hugs and smiles and the knowledge that as a family, as one, we can all grow. And together… well, together we might just be able to change the world.