November 02, 2018

A warm welcome to Jacy Cunningham, the groundbreaking trainer who is out to change the definition of an athlete. He’s the founder of "The Jacy Method", an idea of fitness where “working out meets working in", and his mission is to spread joy, love and inspiration to people around the globe.  In a world fueled by division & duality, we often separate our human experience into various categories. Good vs Evil. Fat vs Skinny. Black vs White. Rich vs Poor. The Jacy Method was designed with harmony in mind. A union of all. To share that we must realize that Life is like a giant river and we're all in it. Some of us may be clinging to the shore, some may be swimming upstream, some may even be drowning but nonetheless we are all together.

Check out Jacy’s full portfolio here and go visit The Jacy Method to learn more about his training and classes.

Jacy, we’re honored to have you and we are so excited to provide yet another platform to help you get out there and change the world!